Plage de Roch ar Conq à Kerlouan avec ses rochers © R. Gladu - TCDL


Some stranges rocks


The Côte des Légendes is full of picturesque rocks. Scattered here and there along its coast, sculpted by the sea and the wind, these rocks with strange shapes are an integral part of the landscape.

A geological explanation

François Guibert made a little explanation about it (in french).


Lets treasure hunt the 10 most strange rocks !

Let your imagination run wild, and explore these mysterious rocks with our selection.


Our beautiful beaches

The beaches of the Côte des Légendes are synonymous with white sand and clear (sort of) water that is chilly but so invigorating!

They also mean coves, nooks and crannies, and more… At the water’s edge, protected by rocks and close to the dunes, you feel good and well-rested in the peace and quiet.

And yet, despite this intimate feeling, these beaches are also full of life, places where people come to chat, play and laugh! You unpack, you pack it all up… and you come back tomorrow to do it all again!

Ocean swimming


A perfect combo of sport, enjoyment and benefits of the water!

Calling all swimmers with flippers, triathletes and anyone else interested in a fun and vigorous exploration of the marine environment.
The Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages water sport centre, in partnership with Tourisme Côte des Légendes, has set up two ocean swimming courses (370 and 620 metres in length). Combined, they form a loop of about 1,200 metres!
Blue buoys numbered 1 to 8 are set up from June to September. They give swimmers the chance to assess their speed and see how far they’ve come. The courses were designed so swimmers can also enjoy the view of the underwater marine life that thrives around the rocks. Diving masks recommended!

Practical information
• Starting from Plage des Crapauds, close to the Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages water sport centre
• Open course, not monitored by lifeguards, for experienced swimmers only
An information panel close to the water sport centre explains the specifics of the course and notifies swimmers of the precautions they should take before diving in: distance between the buoys, ideal times and coefficient in respect of the tides, direction of the course and essential safety instructions.


Disconnect to reconnect

Rochers sur la Côte des Légendes © R.Gladu - TCDL


Our region is dotted with establishments offering relaxation, wellness and treatment options, from the seaside to the countryside. So, are you ready to gently shift back to peace and quiet?

Whatever location you choose, relaxation and tranquillity will reign there. Everything is arranged to put you at ease and ensure you enjoy your time: the setting (country, town or seashore, there’s something for everyone), the consideration of the personnel looking after you, and the equipment that is available to you. Here, you will find an infinity pool, there a sauna or a Turkish bath, or simply expert hands that will help you to disconnect completely.

Your body and mind will emerge relaxed and at peace. What a joy! For the hardiest among you, there’s no need for a scottish shower. Head instead to the ocean for a quick dip (it’s true, you can do it in any season, we swear!). It will be even more invigorating that a cold shower, we promise, and there are multiple benefits to you.

Beach yoga

What could be a better time to try yoga than on holiday? And what could be a more gorgeous spot to reap the benefits of this activity than the fine sandy beach at Meneham?

Use your stay on the Côte des Légendes to get a first experience or improve your skills in this dynamic yet meditative discipline. If you want to say “scram” to daily stresses and open your chakras, nothing beats a yoga session in a setting that, in and of itself, can enhance your well-being. With your feet in the sand and your eyes gazing out to the horizon, relax and inhabit the moment…



Digging for shellfish

Digging for shellfish


The goal is to detect the treasures left behind by the sea, under the kelp or between the rocks. Along the coastline of the Côte des Légendes, you will find a multitude of fishing holes in the sandy, rocky or muddy foreshores. Keep your eyes open for your catch of the day! But be careful! Don’t pick up everything that you see. Not all species are edible and be sure to check the quotas on some of them, in terms of minimum sizes and total numbers…

Tide tables

Crucial for holidays by the sea. Having a hard time choosing between digging for shellfish and swimming? Do both!