Le corps de garde de Meneham - © E. Berthier -TCDL

‘Degemer Mat’ – Welcome to Menehem!

Nestled between the stunning rocks of the Côte des Légendes, this extraordinary natural site will amaze history lovers as well as hikers.

A beautiful site

Here by the sea on the GR®34 hiking route, there are stunning views of a magnificent part of the coast. The wild unspoilt nature of this historic site is sure to take you by surprise.



There is lots to discover here, including the Maison de Territoire, which houses temporary exhibitions and sells local specialities, an auberge-restaurant, a walkers’ guest house, craft workshops and various museums. Not to mention the crystal clear waters of the beaches, the sand dunes and the rocks to climb.


A listed heritage site

Come and explore one of the Pays Pagan's most famous sites and its unique history. A village at the end of the world, yet open to all that surrounds it. Brimming with history and legends, this is one stop in the mediaeval county of Léon that is definitely not to be missed. Today, this picturesque village of thatched cottages with its house among the rocks is one of Brittany’s iconic sites.

And there is 945 acres of protected habitat.


Menehem's History

Un cache-cache entre les rochers ? Ici on peut grimper ! © M. Viezzer - TCDL


Menehem was founded in 1756 when the guardhouse was built to reinforce the coastal defence system. It was first occupied by the militia, and later by the customs men responsible for watching the coastline. In 1860 the customs men and their families left Menehem and were replaced by fishermen and seaweed collectors. Over time, the thatched cottages nestled below the enormous rocks increased in number and size to meet the needs of their inhabitants. At its height, the village was home to eighty people.


The decline of the village

During the 2nd World War the village was cleared of inhabitants by the Germans, but after the war they gradually returned. However, in 1975 the site was listed as a historic monument and this, along with the understandable wish of some inhabitants to have more modern living conditions, largely explains the gradual decline of the village. Little by little people moved out of Menehem and its buildings fell into a state of disrepair. The village bistro closed in 1977, marking the end of an era. The last inhabitant left in 2001.


The rebirth of the site

In 1989 the Commune of Kerlouan acquired the hamlet while the Departément of Finistère bought the surrounding land to protect it as a designated vulnerable natural area. The main aim was to preserve the remaining buildings and use original materials to create an exact reconstruction of the village. In 2002 the project really got underway and the restoration work was carried out between November 2004 and June 2009. The site is now managed by the Communauté de Communes de la Côte des Légendes and various associations and staff work hard to bring the village to life. It has become one of the area’s unmissable attractions and has thousands of visitors each year.


The Legend of the Wreckers

Many ships ran around on the coast of the Pays Pagan, and according to legend, unscrupulous locals caused many of these accidents. It is said that they walked through the dunes at night, lantern in hand, luring ships closer to the shore so they ran aground...




Opening Hours

Menehem is open with free access every day all year round.
The Maison de Territoire and the museums are open:

From mid-November to February
(except during school holidays)
Friday and Saturday
10.30am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 5.30pm
Sunday 2pm – 5.30pm

March, April, May, early October to mid-November and school holidays
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
10.30am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 5.30pm

Sunday and bank holidays (except 25 Dec & 1st Jan) 2pm – 5.30pm

June and September
Every day from 10.30am – 12.30pm and 2pm – 6pm (closed on Sunday mornings)

July and August
Every day from 10.30am – 1pm and 2.30pm – 7pm



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