On rocks like nowhere else in the world!

With their bizarre shapes, they imbue the Côte des Légendes with wild charm, inspire painters and poets, and offer fantastic places for exploration, rest, hideaways and more.

But that’s not all: for the past few years, they can also be scaled by the most agile adventurers and rock climbing enthusiasts. An original, sporting activity that is respectful of the explored environment since no special equipment is required. Across several kilometres, the Côte des Légendes offers amazing courses for all levels of climbers. An ideal spot in a dizzying natural setting.

Intro to rock climbing

Discovery experiences on boulders or climbing walls are offered during Festival Blokuhaka in Kerlouan and at the Meneham site during the Friday adventures of “Vendredis Qui Bougent”.

Young and old alike can sample the simple joys of going vertical, a world of subtle sensations where you move around by intuition.


The big annual event for rock climbers! But it also offers introductions for beginners, athletic challenges, stand-up paddleboarding, yoga, acroyoga and more.

If you’re not athletically inclined, massages and concerts are also on offer!
• In summer at the Meneham site in Kerlouan, information and registration: blokuhaka.fr