Entraînement Trail à Lanarvily - R. Gladu - TCDL

Trail running, an outdoor activity with an edge!

It involves running up and down the hills on trails covering a variety of terrain and distances.

By day or by night, set off on an active discovery of the Côte des Légendes. While we wait for the next permanent trail running site, we can already direct you to a few paths and training spots that will let you combine physical activity with your exploration of our region.
Recommended routes

Les circuits conseillés

Avant de détaler comme un lapin, un petit échauffement s’impose… On fait monter un peu le cardio, on s’équipe bien comme il faut, les lacets bien serrés et c’est parti pour quelques kilomètres de plaisir en pleine nature.

Milin ar Raden circuit
Set off to find the mysterious Milin ar Raden mill. This 10 km outing will give you the chance to discover the natural riches of the Natura 2000 site of Guissény. It will immerse you in a patchwork of ecosystems: rocky foreshores, beaches, peat bogs and a sandy bay.

Aber Wrac’h valley circuit
Lanarvily is a small villages tucked away in the greenery of the valley of mills.

On the 8 km route, you will pass along the banks of the Aber Wrac’h, most on hilly, wooded paths.
• €1 per map from our Tourisme Côte des Légendes Tourist Information Bureaus or download them from cotedeslegendes.bzh


For special training

Runners who want to do interval training and/or a few exercises on stairs, Georges Martin Stadium in Lesneven has an athletics track and stands with steps which you are free to use. It’s ideal for working your quads and calves and for getting your heart pumping.

The sports complex at the racetrack next to Lesneven’s Spadium swimming pool offers a 1 km loop covered in sand (but firm!), as well as a fitness trail… If you’d rather train by the ocean, there is another fitness trail in the Kervillo district of Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages. It’s a must if you want to let off steam in a fun way, by combining a footrace with “GPP” (general physical preparedness).