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Randonnées en famille sur le GR®34 - R. Gladu - TCDL

Long & short trails

The Côte des Légendes offers 14 different loops for you to follow. You can choose from 6 to 15 km paths for your outing with family, friends or with experienced hikers. Walk in complete safety along carefully maintained trails waymarked by a colour code. Some of these routes can even be combined to extend the distance… and your enjoyment!
For fans of longer hikes that will take you through all of our different scenery, the three loops that form the Lesneven Country / Côte des Légendes Loop (97 kilometres combined) are made for you. These three entirely waymarked national hiking trails can be taken on foot, by bicycle or on horseback, with the appropriate detours.

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Seaside :


Countryside :


An accessible route

In Kerlouan, you can enjoy 1.2 kilometres of an adapted coastal trail between La Digue and the Meneham Site. It is appreciated by our smallest walkers and families with pushchairs, and is also accessible by persons with reduced mobility.


GR®34 Coastal trails

Voted the favourite GR® of the French in 2017, this national trail runs along the entire coast of Brittany, from Mont-St-Michel to Saint-Nazaire. In other words, 2,000 km!

The section on the Côte des Légendes offers a wide array of scenery. Rocky headlands, wild coasts, marshes, dunes, beaches, coves, diverse flora and fauna, and a rich historical heritage: over its 32 km, you’ll find a new postcard-worthy view at each turn.


Spin your wheels

Promande en vélo sur la Tro Vélo 01 avec les enfants © R.Gladu - TCDL

Is the bike trailer attached? The baby seat safely installed? The training wheels working right? Oh, no training wheels? Have we got some great routes for you!

We’re sure you will be thrilled as you explore our Tro Vélo loops. On the small roads and ribinoù (dirt or gravel country lanes) of Pagan Country, these six routes will lead you on a discovery of the heritage and linguistic treasures of the Côte des Légendes.

Tro Vélo time!

You too can watch the scenery flying by as you venture onto the bicycle trails of the Côte des Légendes. A quick kick to the pedals and six Tro Vélo loops will invite you to discover the heritage of the Côte des Légendes.

These 15 to 25 km routes are undoubtedly one of the most fitting ways for you and your family to (re)discover this historical area enclosed within the legendary rocky coast.

  •  Tro vélo 01    Entre Terre et Mer (“Between Land & Sea”) - 25 km
  •  Tro vélo 02    Balade en Pays Pagan (“Outing in Pagan Country”) - 19 km
  •  Tro vélo 03    Les « Ribins » de Guissény (“The ‘Ribins’ of Guissény”) - 18 km
  •  Tro vélo 05    Histoire d’hier et d’aujourd’hui (“Stories from Yesterday & Today”) - 15 km
  •  Tro vélo 06    Autour du Quillimadec (“Around the Quillimadec River”) - 24 km
  •  Tro vélo 07    Sur les traces du « train patates » (“On the Trail of the ‘Potato Train’”) - 20 km


Rent a bike

No bike carrier on the Mini or did you come without your car? The joys of cycling is still available to you with rental services on the territory!




To stop in the best conditions during your hikes, bike or horse, hosts located near the routes assure your comfort and well-being to recover serenely and start off on the right foot!

The walk & bike shop rando & vélo

 14 walk routes between 6 and 15 km
 6 bike routes
- One : €1
- 7 : €5.50
- 10 : €7
- 14  : €9.50
- 21 : €13.50

14 routes in loop of 6 to 15 km
+  Boucle Pays de Lesneven = 47 km
+  Boucle Côte des Légendes = 84 km
+  Les deux boucles réunies = 97 km
=  Map of the "18 balades et randonnées" : €4.50

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