Great outdoors, fun and adrenaline

The Côte des Légendes is a destination where nature and the elements provide strong sensations, in perfect harmony and in any season. Regardless of the water sport you choose, you will be overcome by a feeling of freedom. A broad range of options are available to you, whether you are a beginner or an old hand. The choice is yours: there's something for every taste and age!

Get out your sails! Windsurf boards, centerboarders & catamarans

Water sport centres have all the gear you need. You can hire a windsurf board, a catamaran or a centerboarder (activities may vary from one centre to the next), to take out on your own or take a lesson.

Land yachting for easy sailing

The vast expanse of Goulven Bay makes for a pleasant, safe place to enjoy this speed sport that is both easy to learn and accessible to anyone. The bay is a classified nature reserve that is nearly always windy. It can be used in all four seasons because it boasts the unique feature of remaining uncovered by the sea during neap tides.


Kayaking between the rocks

Climb in for a trip alongside the rocks. The coast as seen from the sea... an experience you won't want to miss. This activity allows anyone and everyone to easily roam along the coastline. Row at your own pace and let the beauty of the omnipresent rocks be your guide. Special excursions can lead you to marine mammals and birds here, and a shipwreck there...


All kind of surf - stand-up paddle surfing, surfing and bodysurfing, kitesurfing

Stand-up paddle : WALK ON WATERA smooth body of water and a light wind are your best friends when you engage in this board sport. Once you have found your equilibrium, you will appreciate

Surf and bodyboard : Riding a board attached to your wrist, you will need to learn to choose YOUR wave and then glide along it for several metres. Looking for a spot to get you started? Boutrouilles Beach in Kerlouan was made for you!

Kitesurf :This traction sport combining the strengths of the sea and the wind is the fastest sailing activity on the water. There's no need to go to the ends of the earth for the perfect spot... Riding in Brittany: Goulven Bay and Vougo Beach are very popular amongst fans of board sports and adrenaline!


Diving and snorkelling

The Côte des Légendes is the perfect place to discover extremely varied plantlife and wildlife in the deeps. You will feel like you're in the middle of a real underwater tropical forest. The Côte des Légendes has more than 35 diving sites, including the La Brière site where you can explore the wreck of the cargo ship, sunk off the coast from the Plage des Crapauds (Toad Beach) in Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages.


Ocean swimming course

From June to September, numbered blue buoys allow swimmers to gauge their speed and the distances they've covered. The courses set up at Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages were designed so swimmers can also enjoy the view of the underwater life that thrives around the rocks. Starting from Plage des Crapauds, close to the water sport centre (explanatory board provided on-site).



Water walking

An unusual, invigorating experience! Anyone can do coastal water walking, which consists of walking slowly in the ocean with the water up to your knees, or at a higher resistance with water up to mid-thigh or above the hips. Enjoy the benefits of the ocean as you savour the relaxing, toning experience of a moment of pure well-being.
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