Swimming in the sea 

Sea swimming - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

An invigorating swim in the sea!

First observation: I was right to put on a wetsuit! After all, once you get a little farther out and get a little deeper, the water quickly turns cold. That said, I feel the invigorating and invigorating effects of seawater. Ideal for waking up early in the morning with a splendid view over Brignogan Bay!

Practical info: The sea swimming area comprises 2 courses of 620 and 370 metres. You can link the two to swim 1 kilometer.

Sea swimming course - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

A challenge at every buoy

Sometimes you have to fight against the currentsdepending on whether the tide is rising or falling. Arriving at buoys 3 and 4, the swell starts to shake. I have to redouble my efforts to continue and finish the course. But don't worry, everyone can swim at their own pace!

The tides

Keep an eye on the tides, as the higher the sea, the greater the swimming distance to the first buoy. Keep this in mind!

Sea swimming - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

Even better with mask and snorkel

Here, as everywhere on the Côte des Légendes, the water is particularly transparent and the sand very clear. So if you're in "tranquil" mode, you can take advantage to observe the small fish and all the underwater life!

After that, if snorkeling is really your thing, we have professionals to guide you on the Côte des Légendes.

Défi des Légendes - Tourism Côte des Légendes

Become an ocean swimming legend!

It wasn't my ambition! But I did take part in the Legends Challengewhich takes place every August and is open to everyone. The start is crazy: all those people running out to sea and swimming together to the cheers of the crowd, it's pretty exhilarating when you're on the swimming side. As a little player, I competed in the 500 metres, the most popular category for families! I'm planning to train all summer long so I can beat the time in the next edition!