Into the water!

Swimming in winter

How about a dive?

Whatever the season, we all love a walk by the sea, where we can breathe in the fresh, iodized air. But what if? What if, to take full advantage of the riches of our oceans, we had to go one step further and dive in from time to time?

Emmanuel Berthier

Natural balneotherapy

It gives you a boost!

It's a well-known fact that bathing in the sea is a veritable rejuvenating cure for the body. Fine sand, crystal-clear water... summer or winter, the Côte des Légendes is a veritable open-air balneotherapy zone! So, are you in or out?

All right, the freshness, or rather the "invigorating" aspect of the Channel's water may still put some people off, but to try and convince the more cautious, here are just a few of the benefits that sea bathing can bring you:

- full of mineral salts,
- more tone for the skin,
- muscle relaxation,
- soothed joint pain,
- a relaxing, anti-stress effect,
- boosted immune defenses...

It's worth a "little" effort to take the plunge, isn't it? Just do it!

Get equipped!

Okay, okay ... if you're a bit skittish, you should know that wetsuits are still allowed on the Côte des Légendes. The benefits won't be as great, and you won't get your "golden seal" diploma this time, but you'll certainly find it easier to let go. And enjoy your moment of relaxation even more.

Longe-côte can be enjoyed all year round!

Coastal longee swimmers also wear a wetsuit. This activity, very much in vogue these days, consists of walking along the beach while immersed in water up to the diaphragm. If you'd like to try your hand at it, I'd advise you to contact Sébastien Prou, Maitre-Nageur Sauveteur (lifeguard), who offers water-walking outings in Kerlouan.

A sea-swimming course is signposted in front of Plage des Crapauds, Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages. You can follow the blue buoys numbered 1 to 8 to make loops of 500 to 1200 m. At the SNSM post on the right of Plage des Crapauds, you'll find sanitary facilities and a shower.

Danièle Nguyen Duc Long
Ronan Gladu

A convivial event

New Year's baths ...

Every year, they get together for the last (or first) swim of the year: sometimes they're seals, sometimes sea lions, sometimes frosty and often dressed up. All come to share a convivial moment and celebrate the end or the beginning of the year by jumping into the water. For these merry bathers, hot drinks and cakes are guaranteed when they get out of the water! Dates for future swims will be published in this article as soon as they become available.

Until then, I wish you all a pleasant swim!


In or on the water: choose your nautical activity!

The sea is there all year round, you just need the right equipment to enjoy it!