Discovery in Goulven

Autumn walk in the footsteps of Saint Goulven

In autumn

Quiet discovery

Autumn is a very special time on the Côte des Légendes. It's a calmer time of year after the summer season, in preparation for the return of winter and its share of storms. This in-between period is exactly what makes this hike in the commune of Goulven so charming!

Geese winter in Goulven Bay

goulven bay

A postcard photo

At the edge of the bay, you can observe the endless ballet of migratory birds that have come to rest on this exceptional site before heading south. It's a real contrast to the rest of the walk, where you rise to admire the panorama, with the imposing steeple of Goulven church in your sights. From up here, everything looks much more peaceful and quiet...


For photography enthusiasts, autumn is the perfect season to capture the "golden hours" of light on the bay!

Protected areas

Nature walks

To find out more about Goulven Bay and two other natural sites on the Côte des Légendes, the Curnic marsh in Guissény and the Langazel moors in Ploudaniel / Trémaouezan, we have a dedicated page for your nature dives!

Marais du Curnic in Guissény
The Pénity chapel

Heritage exploration

In the footsteps of Saint-Goulven

The peacefulness of this autumn hike may well be linked to the heritage it reveals: that of Saint-Goulven. Although he became bishop of Saint-Pol-de-Léon, it was mainly in solitude that he celebrated his faith. His hermitage is still very much alive in the shape of the Pénity chapel. If you follow the path, you'll discover many more aspects of his legend.

A miraculous fountain is dedicated to her, said to cure fever, rheumatism and livestock diseases.

quiet breaks

A cocooning touch

The days are getting shorter, the wind is getting cooler... And the hike is getting a little bit tougher! At a time of year when even nature is slowing down, why not take advantage of the end of the walk to make a detour to Kouign Aman Berrou? You're sure to find a "lichouserie" to your taste!

Slow walking

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