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Artistic discoveries on the Côte des Légendes

The Côte des Légendes inspires artists, and they do it well!

Art in the air or hidden works

The Côte des Légendes is the perfect place to develop your imagination, but it's also a land of exhibitions!

Let yourself be surprised by an artistic installation on a hiking trail, stand in awe of a fresco, come face to face with a sculpture, look for the mosaic eyes of the coast or set off to meet artists in the chapels of Léon!

Ribin' de l'imaginaire

La Fabrique d'Imaginaire

In Côte des Légendes, stories are everywhere: every stone, every spring, every tree is inhabited by a legend handed down from generation to generation. La Fabrique d'Imaginaire is the fruit of the fermenting of local brains with the same desire to tell and create stories that blend dreams and reality, ancestral myths and everyday life, or here and elsewhere!

Les Ribin' de L'Imaginaire is the visual side of the Fabrique d'Imaginaire. Here, heritage and artistic discovery come together.Between land and sea, residents and visitors to the Côte des Légendes can discover two new works of art each year along the hiking trails!

Les Ribin' de L'Imaginaire reinvent our legends and offer an original way to discover our local heritage, while stretching your mind and your legs!

Mean ar c'haz installation in front of Goulven Bay
Fresco on the film "The Witches of Akelarre



Discover the films being written at Groupe Ouest!

Groupe Ouest is the only place in Europe dedicated to supporting writers in residence and script development. Over the past sixteen years, hundreds of filmmakers have received support in writing their films for the cinema. This experience has given rise to films, some of which have won national and international awards! To showcase this storytelling on the Côte des Légendes, Groupe Ouest and the commune of Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages have launched Cinambule, an outdoor exhibition inviting visitors to follow in the filmmakers' footsteps. 

For those who wish to better understand why these landscapes inspire so many authors, two arrowed loops form this trail of scenarios, interweaving stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow. 

Fresco on the film "Yalda, the night of forgiveness


Ar Mor Pagan

An exhibition of monumental sculptures at Goulven

Organized every two years (even-numbered years), the Ar Mor Pagan exhibition is a free artistic stroll through the town of Goulven, the communal and private gardens and the surrounding paths.

More than twenty sculptors showcase their work in stone, wood, metal or recycled materials.

The "Goulven Découverte, Sentiers & Patrimoines" association is behind this exhibition, which enables walkers to get to know sculptors living in Brittany, and to meet them during artist residencies or workshops.

In addition to this original access to art for all, this event, unique in Finistère, provides an opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Goulven and its unspoilt natural environment.

Work by Bruno Leon, Saint-Eloi chapel in Ploudaniel, 2022

Arz e Chapeliou Bro Leon

Art in the chapels of Leon

This cultural circuit, combining heritage and contemporary creation, is a not-to-be-missed event for art lovers. Each year, the Arz e Chapeliou Bro Leon association (Art in the chapels of Léon) invites 18 contemporary artists to exhibit their works in 17 chapels.

All artistic disciplines are showcased in a rich architectural heritage. 

From July 15 to August 15, guides are on hand in all the chapels to tell you the story of the works and the places where they are displayed. A dialogue takes place between material, color and place.

The eye at Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages, Plounéour-Trez side

on the coast

A glance, a wink

by Pierre Chanteau

Since 2019, visual artist Pierre Chanteau has been creating and installing ceramic eyes in all of Brittany's coastal towns.

The Côte des Légendes region is blessed with six eyes!

Will you find them?

Art en Côte des Légendes

Year-round exhibitions

Photography, painting or sculpture, let yourself be surprised by an exhibition on the Côte des Légendes!