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The Men Marz menhir. At 8.50 metres high and weighing around 80 tonnes, it is one of the four tallest menhirs in France and a listed historic monument. It is one of many Christianized menhirs.
One of the largest in Finistère, it is the first Christianized menhir of its size in Brittany. Erected between 4500 and 2500 years ago at Brignogan-Plages, it is simply balanced on the ground, rather than having its base sunk to a certain depth like most other megaliths.
Hence its name Men Marz (miracle stone), although there is another "miracle stone" in Brignogan-Plages, balanced on the seafront a kilometer away.
Among the hypotheses and legends concerning its name: that of Saint Pol Aurelian, accompanied by his sister, came here to oppose the gradual invasion of the sea. He set a point for the waters never to exceed, and the young woman marked this limit with a stone planted in the ground: the menhir. Or, as was the case until recently, when young girls would throw a pebble into the ground. If it stayed in the notch at the top of the menhir, it meant they would be married within the year.
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Menhir de Men Marz

Rue du Menhir
29890 Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages
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