Apply for a grant

The Lesneven Côte des Légendes Community (CLCL), via Tourisme Côte des Légendes (TCDL), grants subsidies to local tourism operators as part of its policy to boost the attractiveness of the region as a tourist destination. 

The idea is to support and accelerate the development of sustainable tourism in the region! 

Please note that sporting events must apply directly to CLCL.


 Global aids

Are you a tourist association with a project in the Côte des Légendes area? All you need to do is submit a grant application by completing this application formSend it to the Chairman and e-mail it to

  • no later than 31/01 for examination in February
  • no later than 30/09 for review in October

Specific aids

Well aware that heritage is an undeniable asset of the region, grants have been set up to celebrate major national events. If you would like to organize events for the Fête de la Nature (May) or the Journées du Patrimoine (September), all you have to do is apply for a grant by completing the form below and sending it by e-mail to

  • no later than February 28 for the Fête de la nature
  • no later than 06/15 for Heritage Days (JEP)

The files

Dossier aide globale de demande de subvention :


GLAD specific aid files - Fête de la Nature and Journées du Patrimoine :

GLAD balance sheet :



Morgane Guibert