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Tourism Côte des Légendes

Tourisme Côte des Légendes - Nord Bretagne is a Public Industrial and Commercial Establishment (EPIC) set up on January 1, 2011.
Created by a deliberation of the Community Council on June 23, 2010, Tourisme Côte des Légendes carries out its missions within the framework of an objectives agreement with the Lesneven Côte des Légendes Community.

Morgane Guibert




Jessica Marrec

Assistant Manager


Martine Calvès

Accounting reference and tourist tax

Anne Landré

Chargée Tourisme & Patrimoine Referent Fabrique d'Imaginaire

Ingrid Chedmail

Tourism & Heritage Officer Meneham and Ribin' de l'imaginaire events coordinator

Brandon Muller

In charge of active leisure and nature activities

Camille Le Normand

Communications Manager


Gwenaëlle Benoit

Reception - Quality Manager / Partnership Relations Officer

Nelly Scour

Holiday advisor
Referent artisans Meneham, shopping and small jobs


Camille Wuytowiez

Resident advisor
Partnership Manager

Clémentine Thomas

Holiday advisor
Meneham & animations communication referent

Our missions

  • Promote the community and its stakeholders in line with the activities and policies of Finistère 360°, the Comité régional du tourisme de Bretagne and the destination Brest terres océanes,
  • Welcome and inform visitors to the community, while marketing tourist services under the conditions set out in law no. 2009-888 of July 22, 2009, and selling boutique-type products,
  • Manage and develop tourism in the region,
  • Lead and coordinate local tourism development players and professionals,
  • Promote the community's cultural and natural heritage by organizing tours and similar events,
  • Helping to organize events designed to raise the profile of the community,
  • Operate tourism and leisure facilities, including the Meneham site,
  • Manage the tourist tax on behalf of CLCL.

Management Committee

Tourisme Côte des Légendes (TCDL) is administered by a board of directors and managed by a director.

  • Organization and appointment of members of the Management Committee :

Members representing the community hold the majority of seats on TCDL's Board of Directors.


  • The Executive Committee comprises 2 colleges:

► The college of community councillors appointed by the community council. The incumbents and alternates are current incumbent community councillors;

► The college of socio-professionals representing professions, associations or structures interested in tourism on the community territory, whose head office may be outside the community territory. It is made up of one full representative and one alternate representative from each of the following organizations:

          - College accommodation

- College of retailers and craftsmen

- Collège loisirs touristiques

- College other structures


  • The Board of Directors comprises 27 full members and the same number of alternates:

14 community advisors,

13 representatives of professionals and organizations involved in tourism



The Executive Committee may involve in its work, in an advisory capacity, any person or organization it deems appropriate.


Major projects

as seen by Christian Colliou

President of Tourisme Côte des Légendes

  • Affirm the "Côte des Légendes nord Bretagne" as a destination in its own right, with its strengths, attractions and specific features (Meneham, Pontusval, the Fabrique d'Imaginaire, Natura 2000 areas, etc.), within the Pays de Brest and Finistère,
  • Develop and protect this natural playground (natural spaces, soft traffic, outdoor leisure activities: hiking, biking, sea swimming, trail...) to ensure it remains attractive in the future,
  • Build bridges between the various activities on the Côte des Légendes (economic, cultural, heritage, tourism) to develop the area's overall appeal, 
  • Putting people and the need to protect our territory at the heart of all our projects, 
  • Concentrate our efforts on developing tourist activity in the off-season.