So what if it's raining?

Plic, Ploc

So what if it's raining?

first of all

What is rain?

While everyone has observed this basic, common and usual meteorological phenomenon, we're going to have to agree on the terms! Because there's a big difference between light drizzle and ropes!

The rain

A few definitions

- Drizzle: very light rain, often compared to a "natural mist". It's not necessarily warm or cold, but it does keep you wet for a long time. It results from the condensation of fog.

- Crachin: a fine, penetrating rain. It falls from low clouds called "Stratus", which are often seen on our coasts.

- Gentle" rain: this is "nice" rain, allowing you to visit with a (yellow) raincoat and umbrella, without a gust of wind. The drops are slightly "bigger" than for the previous two.

- Less "gentle" rain: Same as above, but it comes with its "cold, face-whipping wind" friend, or even with a storm...

- The averse (drache / ropes): is a type of precipitation that can be recognized by its abrupt beginning and end, and by rapid variations in intensity. Occasionally observed in Brittany!

- A thunderstorm is an atmospheric phenomenon, characterized by lightning and thunder. It is always linked to the presence of a cumulonimbus cloud, also known as a thundercloud.

Scandinavian saying

"There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes", and this applies perfectly to the Côte des Légendes.
Put on your oilskins and boots, it's going to splash!

Wet for wet...

Water sports

When it's drizzling or drizzling, take him out!

Going for a swim

Yes, you read that right, "swimming". We're well aware that the water is cold. But it's precisely because it's cold that it's so good for your body and your immune system. Year-round swimmers and surfers often confirm that they get sick less often! What's more, in the rain, you won't feel the difference in temperature with the outside world as much as in the bright sunshine...

If you still fancy a swim, but not in cold water, there's the Spadium in Lesneven.

Sand yachting

You'd never think it, but sand yachting in light rain is perfectly possible! All you need to do is bundle up and don your best windbreaker, and off you go!


Watching thunderstorms... from afar

Warning: thunderstorms are dangerous meteorological phenomena, so be very careful when observing them!

You're not afraid of heavy rain, and you like to admire the ballet of waves and lightning on a rough sea? Whether you're an adventurer at heart or in cosy, lichous-encrusted mode, here are our spots!

La Butte

Perched on "its mound", the hotel restaurant offers a beautiful view of Goulven Bay and the surrounding area. Perfect for watching the weather from afar, with a well-balanced, tasty meal or a sweet treat.

La Corniche restaurant

Close to the sea in Brignogan Bay. This seafood restaurant overlooks the water!

Your car

A car has seats, a bay window and a covered area. Placed on a seaside parking lot (paying attention to what we mentioned before) you can have a great "immersion" show.

Tip - bring a good thermos flask and a few small cakes.

Hotel de la mer

Réouverture prochaine
Idéalement situé entre le Phare de Pontusval et le sémaphore de Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages, son panorama sur la côte en fait le spot favori pour voir la mer agitée en dégustant un bon chocolat chaud.

Taking cover

Discoveries, covered!

When it's too wet and the showers follow one another without respite, it's sometimes more pleasant to retreat to sheltered sites! Here are a few that we recommend.

Leon Museum

Léon is a beautiful name (given to 1932 children in 2017), but it's also a Breton region with a rich history! In the heart of the Ursulines convent, come and discover this land of strong character (no pun intended) and the history of the town of Lesneven.

Bonus: take a walk around the cloister to keep your feet dry.

Shell Museum

The Brigoudoù association (local name for the periwinkle) has assembled a large collection of shellfish, crustaceans and echinoderms (starfish family)... Volunteers organize guided tours of the museum, as well as outings to discover and cook edible seaweed.

Even cinema

This community cinema has nothing to be ashamed of, with its spacious 300-seat auditorium. Every week, it offers a rich and varied program to delight young and old alike!

Les P'tites Fabriques

As part of the Fabrique d'Imaginaire, the P'tites Fabriques are surprising monthly rendez-vous in unexpected places!

In the vicinity

Want to explore the surrounding area?

There's plenty to surprise you just a few minutes from the Côte des Légendes. Exhibitions, historical monuments, an aquarium or just a cosy place to stay?

We've put together a selection for you!