The city car


The hidden nugget

The Ursuline convent

Built in stages since 1720, the former Ursuline convent has seen many periods of history!

Once an annex of the Brest maritime hospital, then a school for girls, it now houses the Musée du Léon.

Today, the Musée du Léon and Tourisme Côte des Légendes have taken over the west wing, with its former chapel. Its cloister and arcades offer visitors a haven of greenery in the heart of the town.

Through the arcades
Rêves de dentelles" installation by Les Tiseuses de Liens in 2021
Inside the cloister

The Leon Museum

Discover Bro Leon

In the shadow of the Ursuline convent, you're invited to take part in a playful discovery of Léon. An archive film traces the development of the region since the 1950s, and plunges you into what makes it what it is today. 

A temporary exhibition completes the visit. 

Museum of Leon

Free city tour

Léon will help you explore the town's streets, lined with old houses and stores. A walk through history for young and old alike. From Tourisme Côte des Légendes, find the nails on the ground and answer the riddles.

A downloadable application is also available for smartphones. Ages 7 and up.

The must-have

The market

Every Monday, around a hundred vendors set up shop, offering a wide choice of products: food, clothing, ready-made meals and even small animals such as poultry and rabbits. A delight for the little ones! This centuries-old local institution finished first in Brittany in the competition for the most beautiful markets in France.

Ideal for a shopping spree

As the attractive center of the Côte des Légendes region, the town offers numerous local services and a wide choice of shops.

In Côte des Légendes, we reject uniformity and embrace diversity! With its multitude of independent retailers, Lesneven lives up to its reputation as the commercial capital of the Léon region. Ready-to-wear, leather goods, toys, home decor, jewelry... there's no shortage of ideas for original gifts or simply to treat yourself!

The eye of Lesneven

This sculpture, in rough-forged steel, was installed in Place Le Flo in 1998. Named "Contreseing", it was created by artist Marc Didou, a native of Lesneven.

He was inspired by a 1628 engraving by Jacques Callot, "L'œil vigilant".

Sculpture is now part of the Lesnevian landscape. 

Duke's Wood


As the water flows

Lesneven's hiking trails have two facets.

The commercial heart of the region, with its many picturesque streets converging on Place Le Flo, and a quiet, family-friendly town surrounded by wooded countryside, offering its residents breathtaking neighborhoods.

Top 3 discoveries

  • The city center, its shopping streets and its heritage, including Saint-Michel church, which dominates the heart of the old town.
  • In summer, it's the perfect hike to get some fresh air close to the town center, heading east towards Quillimadec.
  • It's also an opportunity to get all the information you need about your stay in Côte des Légendes, thanks to Tourisme Côte des Légendes, located in the former Ursulines convent.
The Quilimadec valley

Get out

Things are happening in Lesneven!

The town boasts a wide range of cultural facilities, and in November the légend'air festival sets the city abuzz!

Balkanik Project during Grand' Fabrique 2022

Even Cinema

From American block-busters to cartoons and auteur films, the Cinéma Even association has seen several generations since 1953. Today, nearly 50 volunteers and 2 salaried staff keep it thriving. They screen 7 to 8 films a week and organize evening events, notably with Groupe Ouest.

Program available at our tourist information offices.


Salle Arvorik opened its doors in April 2011. Some fifteen shows are programmed there every year.

The organizers always offer an eclectic program (theater, blues, comedy, a wide variety of music, dance...), providing an opportunity for encounters, a change of scenery, dreams and magical moments to share with family and friends.

Tickets available from the Lesneven information office.

Legend'air Festival

In November, this festival gives Lesneven the sound of music.

Rock, reggae, rap, pop with local and national bands!

Tickets available from our Lesneven information office.

How do I get there?

Lesneven is a must-see town on the Côte des Légendes, with a lively village center around Place Le Flo. Remember to bring your little blue disc with you if you come by car!

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