A great year of cultural imagination

Cultural events 2024!

June 1 to 2, 2024

La Grand' Fabrique

in Lesneven and Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages

It's THE great weekend festival of the imaginary, where art, culture and conviviality come together, in the old cloister of Lesneven on Saturday and in Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages on Sunday.

The program includes street art, theater, brass bands, concerts, art installations and a gourmet banquet!

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The 1st edition of the Grand' Fabrique in 2022

A time of festive entertainment in the public space where artists, locals and visitors mingle in this enchanting in this enchanting corner of Brittany.

season 2023/2024

Les P'tites Fabriques

continue their imaginary thread in 2024, with intimate and unifying events in surprising and discreet locations across the region...

Entertainment in bars and cafés

Concerts, meetings, workshops...
Non-exhaustive list.
Brenning Kafé © Danièle Nguyen Duc Long

Lesneven's cultural facilities

Year-round events!
  • Book club, exhibitions, meetings, readings, workshops, etc. at Médiathèque René Pétillon
  • Screenings, meetings and/or previews with Le Groupe Ouestat Cinéma Even
  • Live performance, theater, music and dance at l'Arvorik / l'Atelier including the Festival Lesneven s'emmêle, puppet and object theater from April 14 to 20, 2024
Even cinema


Breton traditions and culture in Pagan country

Don't miss the Breton event that kicks off your summer: Fest Bro Pagan !

A weekend to promote the eclecticism of the current Breton scene, as well as Breton games and cooking workshops, all in an atypical natural setting in Guissény. 

You'll also find :

  • The company's shows Ar vro Bagan
  • Entertainment by the association Ti ar Vro
  • The traditional Riolets on the Saint-Gildas site in Guissény: a mix of Breton songs and rice pudding!
  • Fest deiz in Meneham by Avel deiz
  • In May - La Fête de la Bretagne
Non-exhaustive list
Les Naufrageurs by the Ar Vro Bagan company

Entertainment in Meneham

in any season!

The Meneham site is a year-round experience:

Activities start during the Easter vacations, then summer is a pivotal period with a variety of activities such as fest deiz, the King Arthur show, fun guided tours and sports activities.

In autumn, it's time for "Courges débarquent à Meneham", a colorful display of cucurbit fields!

Finally, the festive season brings the village to life for "Christmas in Meneham": Christmas market, shows, artwork, sounds and lights.

Goulven church organ © Ronan Gladu

Art & Culture in the chapels

Art in the Chapels is a unique event combining contemporary art and religious heritage. The concept proposes an original, specially thought-out association between the chapel and the chosen artist. The result is a dialogue between these remarkable heritage sites and artistic creation, playing with architecture, space, color and light. 

Every year, all year round, the churches and chapels of the Côte des Légendes let their organs resound, or invite local or international artists to bring these places to life!

Non-exhaustive list

Art in the chapels of Leon
Visit to INRAE

All Saints' Day vacations

At the heart of Brittany's know-how

The aim of this regional event is to (re)discover local businesses of all sizes and in all sectors that make up the region's identity, for the general public, local residents and tourists alike. 

For example, last year in Côte des Légendes, you were able to visit the following sites:

  • Hotel-restaurant La Butte in Plouider
  • Shiitake production in Plouider
  • Le Groupe Ouest at La Gare, Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages
  • Spiruline ar Milin farm, Saint-Frégant
  • or INRAE, in Ploudaniel
The year 2024 also promises to be full of exciting discoveries!

Company visits are also organized throughout the summer, so stay tuned to find out more about local businesses!

Langazel wetland © Ronan Gladu

MAY 22 TO 26, 2024

Fête de la Nature

In the heart of nature

There are 3 Natura 2000 sites in our region: Marais du Curnic, Baie de Goulven and Tourbières de Langazel.

These 3 zones are taking part in this great celebration of nature! Five days of free events to enable everyone to experience nature at first hand. An opportunity to discover these exceptional natural sites, preserved and maintained by local associations. 

Visit fêtedelanature. com for more information on local events and activities!

The Folgoët basilica © Saint Thomas TV

September 20 to 22, 2024

European Heritage Days

At the heart of our heritage

This is the event par excellence devoted to the heritage of our regions. The aim is to showcase monuments, museums and other places that are not usually open to the general public.

Events are organized around this theme, as was the case last year when Tourisme Côte des Légendes joined forces with theassociation des Amis du Folgoët to organize the 600th anniversary of the Folgoët basilica: a major event that welcomed large numbers of visitors with concerts (Dan ar Braz, Bagad de Lann Bihoué...), a parade of traditional costumes, craft presentations, tours of the bell tower and a magnificent sound and light mapping projected onto the façade!

all year round


The region abounds in cultural exhibition venues featuring a wide variety of art forms: photography, painting, sculpture, scientific themes and more. Mediation sessions can be organized for schoolchildren or individual groups.

Find the list of exhibitions during 2024 below: