Bouldering at Meneham


Climbing at Meneham: climbing in the heart of nature

Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

Meneham, 2nd bouldering spot in France

When we talk about climbing, we often think of high rock faces several dozen meters high, with ropes and abseiling. But climbing can also be done on boulderswithout ropes, quickdraws or harnesses. In this case, we use a crash pad to absorb the fall, and it's advisable to work in pairs with a belayer to ensure your safety, especially if you're just starting out.


The Meneham site is quite special: the granite is approached in a different way, you can be faced with large flat areas, and the holds can be elusive. It's an interesting challenge. It's also special in that you climb according to the tides, with some rocks only accessible at low tide.

Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

Please note

Some of the boulders are also accessible at low tide. But beware: the rocks on the dune must not be climbed, to preserve the ecosystem and the fragile lichens that grow there.

Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

Climbing in the wild

The iodized air in my nostrils, the sound of the sea in my ears, the sunshine warming my back, and above all, this incredible view... Climbing in a natural environment is, in my opinion, the best way to enjoy the exceptional site that is the granite chaos of Meneham.

Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes
Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

A form of meditation

A subtle blend of strength and balance

It's a common misconception that climbing is only for big arms. In reality, climbing is 80% thighs and 20% arms. Above all, it's about accepting to be off-balance, finding your center of gravity, observing your surroundings to find the best hold, daring, taking the plunge, letting go, laughing... and starting again!

"Climbing is not for me".

A misconception! Bouldering is accessible to all, young and old, young and old... The granite chaos includes 4000 boulders, of varying heights up to 4 metres, for all levels.

Climbing at sunset

But the best time for me is climbing at the end of the day. When the days are getting longer and the temperatures warmer, I take advantage of the exceptional light of the setting sun to try out some boulders. The beach is emptied, the rocks heated all day take on a very special hue... And if the moon is full that evening, the mysterious atmosphere adds to the magic of the moment.

Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes
Climbing at Meneham - Tourisme Côte des Légendes

For self-guided climbing, check out the climbing guides on sale at the tourist office. Alternatively, take advantage of a summer initiation with Attitude Grimpe on the Meneham site: highly recommended if you're just starting out. We're willing to bet you'll be asking for more!

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