Waste management & environmental protection

Preserving our environment

If you're lucky enough to admire these magnificently preserved landscapes, it's partly thanks to everyone's efforts and to the various environmental initiatives applied in the area. To help you find your way around, here's a quick reminder!

Goal: 0 waste

Without garbage cans, the beach is more beautiful!

It's a simple fact: the more garbage cans we add, the more they overflow! To make sorting easier and prevent your garbage from flying off to the four winds, the garbage cans have been removed from the beaches of Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages and Kerlouan with great success. During the storm season, tide bins are also scattered along the coast to help clean up the beaches!

Our tip: remember to bring an airtight container with you so that you can take your leftovers home and sort them properly when you get back!

What is the incentive fee?

With the aim of encouraging waste reduction, the Côte des Légendes region has switched to an incentive fee system! Here, you pay according to the number of times your household waste is collected or deposited at the voluntary collection points. To access them, you'll need a card. Lost your way? We'll explain everything!

Seasonal rentals

The owner of your accommodation is obliged to provide you with the means to dispose of your waste in the best possible way and to enable you to sort your waste, i.e. :

- By pointing out the collection points and giving you a magnetic card to access the household waste bins.

- By providing individual garbage cans or equivalent containers.

Are you a motorhome or motorized tourer?

All you have to do is pick up a free magnetic card from our tourist information offices or town halls. Once your stay is over, you can return them to the nearest office or drop them in our letterboxes.