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Beaches on the Côte des Légendes are all about white sand and clear water, (a little) cool but so invigorating! They're also creeks, nooks and crannies... At the water's edge, sheltered by the rocks, close to the dune, you'll feel good, relaxed and calm. And despite their confidential nature, they're a great place to live: chat, play, laugh! Unpack, pack up... and come back the next day!

PS: This selection, which is not exhaustive and is necessarily subjective, testifies above all to the variety and beauty of our 33 beaches!

Plage du fanal or neiz vran in Kerlouan

Sunset time!

Facing due west, this charming beach offers the most beautiful sunsets: ideal for an aperitif with family or friends! Located at the exit of the Tresseny estuary, the view is splendid. In the distance, the lights of the Île Vierge lighthouse come on, and it's time to go home... or have another drink!

What to see/do in the area: Don't miss the detour to the tip of Neiz Vran and Ile aux vaches (accessible at low tide). Nearby, this wild and magnificent spot is sure to charm you. The Tropell work (on view until June 2023 as part of the Ribin' de l'Imaginaire festival) recalls the legends that permeate this magical natural setting, while offering you a luxurious seat to watch... the sunset!

The alternative: Curnic beach and jetty - Guissény

Vougot beach in Guissény

Large sandy beach

In the heart of a Natura 2000 zone, this beach offers over a kilometer of immaculate fine-grained sand. With all this space, it's hardly surprising that a multitude of activities can be enjoyed here in complete serenity. West-facing, it's a great spot for wind sports. It is also listed as a "natural galloping track". But there's still plenty of room for quieter activities at the foot of the well-preserved dunes.

Things to see/do in the area: The beach is beautiful, but so are the back dunes and marshes! We suggest you combine your stay at Le Vougot with a visit to the Curnic marshes. Alternatively, head for the nearby Curnic beach, the only supervised beach in the commune. There you'll find a nautical center, a harbor, a lifeguard station and the Kurnic Kafé, open in summer, which offers plenty of entertainment!

The alternative: Grande plage de Meneham - Kerlouan

Kerurus Beach
in Plounéour-brignogan-Plages

For those with cold feet

In the magnificent bay of Goulven, head for this beautiful beach, where some corners are sheltered from the dreaded northerly winds. It's important to go at high tide, otherwise you'll have to travel several kilometers to swim... It's these distances covered by the sea galloping over the warm sand that explain the 2 degrees gained on bathing water on beaches facing the open sea!

What to see/do in the area: If you want to stretch your legs after a swim, the walk to the Beg ar Croas viewpoint will not disappoint! A breathtaking panorama of the bay and the open sea. A concentrate of Brittany in your eyes!

The alternative: Plage des grèves de la Croix - Guissény

Plage des crapauds
in plounéour-brignogan-plages

Top for families

Swimming, sunbathing, sailing, kayaking, beach volleyball, seahorse chairs for the disabled... There's something for everyone here. Not to mention the beautiful natural setting at the entrance to the Pontusval cove, which alternates between rocks, sand spits, dunes and translucent waters. While the kids explore the ponds to find a Gobi, parents can take it easy on this supervised beach... In short, this lively beach will delight the whole family!

What to see/do nearby: Open all year round, choose one of the many activities on offer at the Centre Nautique. The sea-swimming course allows sports enthusiasts to do their laps in a setting far more attractive than a swimming pool. A moving stele has been erected in memory of a terrible shipwreck in 1944. We told you this beach had it all!

Lividic beach
in Plounéour-Brignogan-Plages

Did you say intimate?

Feel like Robinson Crusoe on his own island? Many of our beaches give you that sweet feeling of being all alone in the world, but some are particularly good for it! Such is the case of Lividic beach. This vast stretch of sand overlooking the open sea offers peace and quiet to those who wish to discover it. It's even open to our 4-legged friends! Compared to the nearby beaches of Brignogan, it's much quieter at Lividic!

Bonus: dogs are tolerated in summer!

Things to see/do in the area: Nothing, or almost nothing - that's the good part! We can, however, recommend that you continue your discovery of this wild stretch of coastline by walking the nearby coastal circuit hiking trail. Please note that motorhome parking is available along this dream beach!

Lighthouse beach
in Plounéour-brignogan-plages

Rocks, rocks, rocks!

Perhaps the most spectacular beach on the Côte des Légendes, surely the best known and undeniably the most photogenic! While many of the beaches on the Côte des Légendes offer their characteristic landscapes of picturesque rocks sculpted by sea and wind, only one has a lighthouse, and that's this one! A trembling rock is just waiting to fall, and many have tried... always without success!

What to see/do in the area: After an afternoon on the beach and swimming, what could be better than a drink by the sea? TheHôtel de la Mer is the place to be. This dune-side establishment offers one of the finest panoramas on the Côte des Légendes, with the semaphore on the horizon. Simply magnificent!

Thealternative: Plage de Nodeven - Rudoloc - Kerlouan

Boutrouilles beach in Kerlouan

Do you love to glide?

On the Côte des Légendes, sports enthusiasts are spoilt for choice, but there's a beach for every sport. And for surfing, it's the Côte des Légendes wave beach! It's ideal for beginners who want to learn how to surf with complete peace of mind, all in an enchanting setting. This large beach, bordered by dunes, offers a beautiful view of the rocky heaps so characteristic of the Côte des Légendes. With lifeguard surveillance, the beach is also a lively place in summer. Everyone loves it here!

What to see/do in the vicinity: on this stretch of coastline, there's a succession of beaches, so why not take the time to discover them? Quieter and less crowded, the beaches of Karreg hir and Vag du will delight lovers of tranquillity. Not far away, the charming chapel of Saint-Egarec offers a peaceful setting full of legends.

The alternative: Plage du C'hi du - Kerlouan (for bouldering addicts)

It's a secret

We'll leave you to explore

The Côte des Légendes offers those who know how to discover its little coves and other secret beaches. But we won't tell you everything here - it's up to you to explore!