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The strength of the Côte des Légendes lies in its atmosphere, and in the creativity of its people - you! Thanks to you, the region is rich in events all year round. It's a testament to the region's generosity to share in the form of creative workshops, shows (funny or melancholy), conferences (in French or Breton) or exhibitions!

Tourisme Côte des Légendes can help you communicate your events by providing an online form. Once you've filled it in with all the information visitors need, our team validates it so that it can be added to thewebsite's agenda.

From April to October, we also use the information you send us to produce paper animation guides, which are widely distributed. More details at the bottom of the page.

Which animations are accepted?

  • complete ads
  • those proposed by individuals, associations or professionals (whether partners or not) from and on the administrative territory of the Lesneven Côte des Légendes Community.
    An exception is made for events linked to Natura 2000 areas: Curnic marsh (Guissény, Langazel wetland (Ploudaniel / Trémaouézan) and Goulven bay / Keremma dune (Tréflez).
  • those that have specific dates and/or do not require an appointment. Otherwise, they are considered as services, and cannot be included in the agenda.
  • open to the public with no club membership required.

And after completing the form?

The person in charge of events at Tourisme Côte des Légendes then "validates" them. In other words, she re-reads them, corrects any typing errors, geolocates them... If everything is not complete (a visual is missing, a description needs to be more developed...), she contacts the structure that completed the form and puts the event on hold.

On the website, animations take 24h to appear after validation.

For paper editions, deadlines are assigned to each publication, which you will find further on this page.

The form

In figures

The "agenda" pages are among the most consulted on destination websites, along with the "accommodation" and "activities" pages. On our site, it's one of the Top 10 most-visited pages!

In 2022, we printed 14,000 animation guides.

Our guides

From April to October!

With our "three-colour" guides, we highlight all the activities on the Côte des Légendes!

Workshops, courses, exhibitions, concerts or storytelling evenings, they'll be the best allies for locals and visitors alike who want to keep abreast of local cultural news.

Submission dates for 2024

  • Spring Guide - March 1

    Outing before spring break

  • Summer Guide - May 10

    Pre-summer vacation outing
  • Autumn Guide - July 19

    Out after the summer vacations until All Saints' Day 


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