The Curnic marshes


Why take advantage?

The Guissény site boasts exceptional biodiversity concentrated on 600 ha. It is home to "remarkable" species, rare and
protected at European level, as well as "ordinary" biodiversity, which plays a part in the functioning of all
The Guissény site, covering an area of 600 ha, extends over the municipalities of Plouguerneau, Kerlouan and Guissény. It includes a wide range of habitats
, such as dune habitats, wet meadows, peat bog areas, beaches exposed at low tide, which play a very important role
as a wintering and migratory stopover site for birds, and a brackish pond.
The combination of natural factors and human intervention has resulted in exceptional biodiversity on the Guissény Natura 2000 site, with
numerous animal and plant species present. Numerous plants, including 13 different species of orchid, butterflies and dragonflies can be observed here, thanks to the site's varied environments, such as the pond and surrounding wasteland, the grazed and mown meadows, the numerous small ponds and peaty meadows. Three species have European protection status on the site: an orchid: the Liparis de loesel - a butterfly: the Damier de la succise - a dragonfly: the Agrion de mercure.
Nature activities on the flora and fauna are offered once a week - Organized by Guissény town council.

Natura 2000 zone

The Curnic marshes

Le Curnic
29880 Guissény
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