Pont Glaz circuit

  • Type Equestrian
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 10.5 Km
  • Duration 2h45
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Loop
ND Clarté Kernoues
Rando_Kernouës_Pont Glaz_Sentier
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About us

Fancy a leisurely stroll through the lush countryside? Then this hike in the heart of the Léonard bocage is for you. My favorite for Sunday digestive walks after a hearty family meal!

Why choose this hike over any other?
1) To discover the Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté chapel and its fountain, which legend has it will help young children learn to walk.
2) For its hilly but not very uneven circuit, accessible to all.
3) For a gourmet break at the Kergoff crêperie, where you can sample specialties such as Gwenn ha Du, inspired by Kig ha Farz, in a warm, authentic setting.

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Step 1/3:

Don't miss the Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté chapel and its charming garden planted with hydrangeas.

Notre Dame-de-la-Clarté chapel

Discover these unusual characters who populate the sides of the path and accompany the walker on a humorous stroll.

Moulin de Kergoff trail

It's impossible to miss its majestic silhouette at the entrance to the grove. The ideal spot for a refreshing break in the shade of its foliage.

Remarkable beech
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