Circuit de Poul sant Didier

  • Type Equestrian
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 8.3 Km
  • Duration 2h15
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Loop
Rando_Plouider_Vallée de la Flèche
Rando_Plouider_La Flèche

About us

The whistle blows! From the old station, once a meeting place and home to the little potato train, the Flèche valley opens up to us, offering an impressive view of its lush green valley. A descent into the valley and here we are! The countryside reveals its secrets. We finish by returning to the summit to catch a glimpse of Goulven Bay in the distance, its luminosity changing every day. A delight every kilometer of the way!

Why choose this hike over any other?
1) For its heritage, rich in the country's history.

2) For the calm of its valley, where only the trickle of water calls out to us.

3) For its diversity of relief, not very common here.

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Step 1/3:

It was the most important because of its proximity to the village. Laundries had both a utilitarian and social role. It was one of the few places where women could meet and talk while washing their clothes.

The Saint-Didier wash-house

It is known as an important bird sanctuary, with an equally rich flora. It is the result of a delicate balance between natural elements and man. With its ever-changing landscape, it offers the commune of Plouider a balcony with a magnificent panorama.

Goulven Bay

From here, you can overlook the Flèche valley, named after the river that runs through it.

La Gare
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