Coastal tour

  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 8 Km
  • Duration 2h
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Loop
Baie de Goulven, Peleuz Plounéour-Trez
pointe de Beg Ar Groaz Plounéour Trez
Saint-Pierre Church

About us

An authenticity that always appeals to me. It's a haven of peace for birds, an unrivalled fishing spot, and a playground for speed lovers and thrill-seekers! I don't have a favorite season, they all have their own charm, sea or land, it doesn't matter to me, just one moment: the morning and its lights...

Why choose this hike over any other?
1) For its heritage from another time, such as the Dievet dolmen, a witness to prehistory, the wash-houses, witnesses to daily life, and the goémon ovens, witnesses to the economic activity of Pays Pagan.

2) For the diversity of its landscapes: high tide/low tide, coastline/countryside.
3) Because I'm attached to it.

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Step 1/3:

From the multicolored fishing boats to the majestic rocks, each bearing a name like a human being, the view from this small cross on a natural promontory is breathtaking.

Beg ar Groas (The cross and the bay)

A Neolithic dolmen, the remains of a funerary monument, stands out in the open fields. The layer of earth that once covered it has now disappeared, revealing a slab of granite. Fascinating in its grandeur and the epoch it embodies, it is one of the most visited sites in the commune.

The Dievet dolmen

The perfect duo. It's impossible to ignore St Pierre church and its stained glass windows. Its majestic steeple has watched over the town since 1734.

Church and town hall
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