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Le Folgoët Le Folgoët
  • Type Equestrian
  • Type Pedestrian
  • Distance 13 Km
  • Duration 3h15
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Loop
Le Folgoët

About us

Don't be fooled by the lofty silhouette of the Folgoët basilica, the magnificent starting point for this hike. Give it 5 minutes, and it'll take you on a tour of its hidden treasures.

Why choose this hike over any other?
1) Easy access. You park your car in the town center, which is bustling with shops, and then gradually descend into quiet, welcoming countryside - a pleasant contrast.

2) Combining hiking and heritage discovery

3) After 3 hours of walking, it's time for a little drink and a crêpe, come on! Take a break at Pod A Laezh ("the milk pots" in Breton), a bar-restaurant at the foot of the basilica.

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Flamboyant Gothic masterpiece.

Le Folgoët
Notre-Dame du Folgoët basilica

Rescued from ruin in the 80s, it now offers us a privileged setting thanks to its superb garden.

Le Folgoët
The Saint-Vellé chapel
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