Natura 2000 zone

Goulven Bay

A remarkable natural area

Dunes as far as the eye can see, immense white sandy beaches that open up to the horizon at low tide, birds by the thousands, remarkable flora, a surprising human history, historical and military relics, hiking trails...

A thousand and one reasons to come and contemplate this unique site, protected by the Conservatoire du Littoral, whose richness bears witness to a preserved natural balance.

The idea of hiking

Explore a natural site on foot!
Goulven Bay is on the GR®34, and a 7.6 km loop is dedicated to it: the Saint-Goulven circuit.
Enjoy your walk!

A paradise for migratory birds

Classified as an ornithological reserve, Goulven Bay is a vital stopover for many birds. Every year, thousands of birds from the far north migrate along the Atlantic coast between Africa and the Arctic. Made up of mudflats and wetlands, the bay provides them with a royal shelter and cover.

A rich flora

Made up of clearly differentiated natural environments, from foreshore to wooded dune, via fixed dune and back-dune depressions, the dunes offer us an anthology of plants that are unique and adapted to this harsh yet fragile environment, such as oyats and blue thistles.

Orchids are the pride of the Keremma dunes, where 24 species have been recorded, representing ¾ of Brittany's orchids!

A landscape that changes with the seasons

There's something to see all year round!

In winter, it's the perfect time to (discreetly) observe the waders and ducks that come from the northern regions to regain their health.

In spring and summer, the bay is decked out in all its finery: magnificent rare orchids bloom at this time of year. It's also at these times of year that nesting birds, such as the Ring-necked Plover, lay their eggs and give birth to their young.

The dunes in November
Extraction by Collectif Infuz under construction (2022)

Les Ribin' de L'imaginaire 2022


From the Infuz collective

Facing the bay, the art installation could be a shelter where walkers could take a break. Except that inside, an auger is planted with its head in the ground, as if suspended in time and space.
In the middle of the Natura 2000 zone and beneath its "clod of earth/straw", the black steel piece seems alien.
The work can be operated by curious visitors, the tip stirring the sand indefinitely, evoking the absurdity of the gesture performed by the Couantics, half-marine, half-terrestrial beings condemned to count the grains of sand in Goulven Bay. 

It will be in place until 2025.

Mission: to protect

Originally from Kerlouan, Nicole Chapalain has been in charge of the Maison des Dunes in Keremma since 1998. She has followed the evolution of this natural area since its beginnings, and in particular its designation as a Natura 2000 site of European interest in 2006, a crucial recognition to reinforce the protection of environments and species.

The dunes house

Human activities & natural environment

Responsible cohabitation

How can human activities be reconciled with preservation of the natural environment? In consultation, zones have been set aside for sports such as sand yachting and kite surfing.

It also involves education in responsible practices. This is the role of the Maison des Dunes, which raises awareness of fishing sizes, encourages people to stay on authorized paths, not to pick or uproot plants present on the site, and to limit dog penetration. The outings organized by the structure also aim to raise awareness of the site through its flora and fauna. In this way, we can work together to improve the environment for animals and plants.

And the stakes are high! Preserving the environment could lead to the return of certain species to Goulven Bay. Otters, in particular, have been spotted here!



The interpretation trail

Four interpretation zones line the GR®34 long-distance hiking trail, providing information on the transformation of the landscape over time and the nature of the environment. Open all year round, you'll learn all about this remarkable area and its inhabitants.

The dunes house

Geocaching & treasure hunting

ATTENTION : cette activité se refait une beauté et sera de nouveau disponible prochainement

Set off to discover the 9 hidden chests in the heart of the dunes. If you manage to solve the various riddles, you'll find the old landscape stone that will reveal all its secrets... An ideal family activity, available from the Maison des Dunes (13€).

Don't forget to go back for your reward once you've discovered the secret of the stone!


Nautical sensations

The ideal terrain!

This expanse is the ideal playground for a wide range of water sports!

On windy days at high tide, the bay becomes THE spot for kite-surfing, wingfoiling and windsurfing on the Côte des Légendes.

At low tide, we bring out the floats. A little anecdote: the 2018 world champion in the discipline, Kevin Mingot, learned in Plounéour-Trez!

In milder weather, the sea is ideal for stand-up paddling and kayaking.

Little bonus: the water is a little warmer!

How do I get there?

In the northeast of the Côte des Légendes, between Goulven and Tréflez, 6 km of white shores, a veritable treasure trove of shells to collect, stretch all the way to the Baie du Kernic.

Getting there with Google Maps